Hi, I’m SJ.

I help entrepreneurs and companies to take actionable steps to build, grow and scale their business by adopting the right strategies and technologies for growth, transformation and automation.

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A Little About SJ

SJ aspires to help entrepreneurs overcome their self-doubt and believe that they are worthy to start a business that they are passionate about.

He is a strong believer that an “action-by-action” on top of the traditional step-by-step approach provides better strides of progression to success. Therefore, his coaching is fundamentally based on “doing” to transform wantapreneurs to entrepreneurs and move them closer to building a life and business they love.

Passionate about tech, SJ specialises in digital transformation and automation. Essentially, he crafts digital strategies to help businesses grow and scale. He is a master of building high impact user journeys across multiple touch-points on various channels to significantly increase sales and brand loyalties.

SJ is a great mentor. He is the kind of guy who can motivate anyone to do anything. He left a really good impression on me. He showed a lot of care in what you do and follows up throughout. SJ is professional, creative, and knows how to tap into a person's strengths. He is upbeat and extremely personable.
Karen Faith Earnshaw
Data Officer at Australia Banking Group
SJ is a visionary leader, brilliant and passionate enthusiast in both business and technology. A kind soul, easy to work with, he is effective in motivating someone to do the best. He was one of my influencers and definitely a great a leader and entrepreneur.
Analou Gonzales
Founder of Ant Designers
SJ is a highly motivated and exceptionally efficient personnel. His dedication and forward-thinking abilities never cease to bring improvement to people around him and his work deliverables. Soft-spoken, approachable, positive and always ready to put his best foot forward attitude are some of his great personalities.
KK Chong
Senior Vice President, HCK Media
SJ exceedingly efforts play a tremendous role in strong deliveries with high quality results from his sense of curiosity, unmistakably deep-rooted enthusiasm and forward-thinking skills and knowledge equip him with the depth and width to take him to any company who wishes to make things happen.
Franco Yong
Senior Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison

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